Mining-Geotechnics-Anchors Sector

At Anzeve we have machinery that provides complete drilling, injection and measurement solutions to companies specialized in mining, quarries, geotechnics, civil works and public works.

We have systems that help control deviation in drilling, such as Reflex systems.

You can purchase drilling columns, rock breakers or geotechnical, helical anchoring systems and bolts for concrete.

brokk logo

demolition robots

Leader in the manufacture of remote controlled demolition robots.

Robust, productive, safe and profitable for construction, mining, cement, steel, tunnel or even nuclear power plant.

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Rock breakers and demolition shears

Special demolition tools.

Perfect solution to break rock, concrete or stone in a controlled way, without producing vibrations, dust or noise.

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ALITRAK: electric mini dumper

ALITRAK is the leading manufacturer of high quality electric mini dumpers. They have been designed to move goods and materials efficiently, safely, silently and without any type of emissions. These electric vehicles can work in all kinds of sectors.


Sherpa: Move-All Skid Steers

The wide range of skid steers and their attachments is proof of Sherpa's success. Skid steers make heavy work easier, lighter, faster and cleaner. Skid steers are versatile, compact and powerful.

lighting balloons_Airstar

lighting balloons

360º lighting without glare or shadows.

Less energy and greater safety for industry, construction, railways, agriculture and mining

Halo: LED lighting lights

LED lighting strips

LED lighting strip technology

Fire retardant, self-extinguishing, dust repellent, waterproof, resistant and safe.

Ripamonti Logo

RIPAMONTI: Drilling machines and columns

RIPAMONTI develops drilling equipment of the highest quality. Among them, the drilling columns and compact drilling trucks stand out. Both carry out work for special foundations, bolts and anchors, internal underpinning with reduced gauge, and work in quarries and mining.

maxvac logo

MAX VAC: Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Scientific evidence demonstrates the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. MaxVac air cleaners trap these harmful particles by taking advantage of layers of air. To do this, it uses 3 high-efficiency HEPA filtration systems.

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REFLEX: Instrumentation for drilling

REFLEX is the leading company in the development of technologies for the measurement and analysis of data in the mining industry. Its measuring and orientation equipment, together with management software, allow knowing the position of a hole throughout the entire journey. Perfect for jobs such as controlling or measuring the deviation of perforations in micropiles.

Logo tec system

TEC: Machinery for geotechnics and foundations

TEC SYSTEM develops geotechnical and foundation equipment, such as drilling rigs, sand traps, injection pumps and groups for soil consolidation and injection of micropiles and anchors, circulation pumps for bentonite and polymer muds, hydraulic scoops for diaphragm walls,…

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ANCHOR SYSTEMS: Vulcan Earth Anchor System®

Anchor Systems manufactures and distributes mechanical ground anchors. Made of ductile cast iron or stainless steel, they are driven into the ground using driving bars and their installation is checked by stressing it up to the required load. Its anchors can be used for permanent or temporary installations.