Industry Sector

At Anzeve we also distribute machinery for the industrial sector such as industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure water machines or demolition robots.

We have machinery to carry out industrial demolitions such as the Brokk robots and their perfect complements: the Alitrak mini dumper and the Sherpa mini loader.

If you need machinery to carry out industrial vacuuming, we work with state-of-the-art machines such as Wieland equipment, necessary for the proper functioning of industrial and process plants.

We also distribute machinery for the high-pressure water industry, to carry out all kinds of jobs such as hydro-demolition or cleaning.


brokk logo

Demolition robots | BROKK

Leader in the manufacture of remote controlled demolition robots.

Robust, productive, safe and profitable for construction, mining, cement, steel, tunnel or even nuclear power plant.

Alitrak Logo

ALITRAK: electric mini dumper

ALITRAK is the leading manufacturer of high quality electric mini dumpers. They have been designed to move goods and materials efficiently, safely, silently and without any type of emissions. These electric vehicles can work in all kinds of sectors.


Sherpa: Move-All Skid Steers

The wide range of skid steers and their attachments is proof of Sherpa's success. Skid steers make heavy work easier, lighter, faster and cleaner. Skid steers are versatile, compact and powerful.

lighting balloons_Airstar

lighting balloons

360º lighting without glare or shadows.

Less energy and greater safety for industry, construction, railways, agriculture and mining

Halo: LED lighting lights

LED lighting strips

LED lighting strip technology

Fire retardant, self-extinguishing, dust repellent, waterproof, resistant and safe.

Falch Logo

FALCH: pressurized water pumps, from 100 to 3000 bar

FALCH is the leading company in the manufacture of pressure water cleaning equipment. Its machines are offered in various presentations (in the form of carts, on chassis, in trailers,...) and cover the entire range of pressures between 100 and 3000 bar.

maxvac logo

MAX VAC: Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Scientific evidence demonstrates the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. MaxVac air cleaners trap these harmful particles by taking advantage of layers of air. To do this, it uses 3 high-efficiency HEPA filtration systems.

Logo Bricking Solutions

BRICKING SOLUTIONS: Solutions for ovens

Bricking Solutions offers solutions for the maintenance of refractory furnaces. It is a set of complete, safe and effective systems to facilitate all jobs in the cement and steel sectors, mainly.

Feltes Logo

FELTES: aluminum gantry cranes

For more than 15 years, the German company FELTES has been designing and manufacturing products and systems for lifting and moving heavy objects, providing specialized solutions to all types of companies. Gantry cranes can be fixed or mobile.