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Our company carries out a continuous process of searching for brands that may be of interest to the market.
If you are looking for a specific product or brand that does not appear on the list, please contact us for more information.

We have a new website for ANZEVE FLOORS AND SURFACES where you will find all the innovative brands with which we work and with which we help our clients to carry out any type of action in this sector.

Brokk Demolition Robots

Brokk is the leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition robots. The sole objective of Brokk robots is to make work easier, safer and more profitable. In a wide variety of activities: construction, nuclear power plant, mine, cement, steel or tunnel.

logo first green industries

FIRST GREEN INDUSTRIES: electric loaders

There are no loaders like it in the world: with zero environmental impact. FIRST GREEN INDUSTRIES is a modern and highly organized company. It manufactures products based on long experience, innovative technology, high efficiency, versatility and sustainability.

hawk logo

HALCO: down-the-hole hammers for DTH drilling

HALCO manufactures down-the-hole drills and hammers for DTH (“Down the hole”) drilling, which stand out for their spectacular performance for all types of drilling, since they can be used in a wide variety of terrains. They are used for blasting, exploration, foundations, oil and gas,…


LIFTROLLER: Access systems for heavy materials to works

Liftroller is a system that facilitates the access of heavy materials to buildings under construction in a safe, easy and efficient way without damaging the facades, avoiding unnecessary risks and efforts of the workers. Easy to assemble and transport.

ALITRAK: electric mini dumper

ALITRAK is the leading manufacturer of high quality electric mini dumpers. They have been designed to move goods and materials efficiently, safely, silently and without any type of emissions. These electric vehicles can work in all kinds of sectors.

hycon logo

HYCON: hydraulic tools

You only need to take a hydraulic group to the work. Connect any tool to do all kinds of jobs. HYCON is the choice of professionals. It is made for experts, who value high performance and reliability, operator comfort and easy maintenance.

DARDA: Rock breakers and demolition shears

DARDA designs, manufactures and markets special demolition tools, such as hydraulic breakers, concrete shears, steel shears, combi-shears,... Hydraulic wedges are the perfect solution for breaking rock, concrete or stone, in a controlled manner, without producing vibrations , dust or noise.

lighting balloons_Airstar

AIRSTAR: Illumination balloons

Airstar's Sirocco ProPack and Sirocco RedTech lighting globes provide 360º light, consume less energy, are easy to install and do not produce glare.
Its use in industry, construction, railways, agriculture, mining and events create a safe work environment.

RIPAMONTI: Drilling machines and columns

RIPAMONTI develops drilling equipment of the highest quality. Among them, the drilling columns and compact drilling trucks stand out. Both carry out work for special foundations, bolts and anchors, internal underpinning with reduced gauge, and work in quarries and mining.

FALCH: pressurized water pumps, from 100 to 3000 bar

FALCH is the leading company in the manufacture of pressure water cleaning equipment. Its machines are offered in various presentations (in the form of carts, on chassis, in trailers,...) and cover the entire range of pressures between 100 and 3000 bar.

maxvac logo

MAX VAC: Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Scientific evidence demonstrates the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. MaxVac air cleaners trap these harmful particles by taking advantage of layers of air. To do this, it uses 3 high-efficiency HEPA filtration systems.


SprayStream designs nebulizer cannons to eliminate dust, bad odors and disinfect. Its micro drops are capable of eliminating harmful particles to prevent diseases.

Sherpa: Move-All Skid Steers

The wide range of skid steers and their attachments is proof of Sherpa's success. Skid steers make heavy work easier, lighter, faster and cleaner. Skid steers are versatile, compact and powerful.

ROCKWHEEL: Milling machines

Rockwheel milling machines are designed for the toughest milling jobs, thanks to their high-capacity motor, designed to adapt to the hydraulics of the carrier machine (excavators, backhoe loaders, demolition robots,...), optimizing the power of both equipment.

Logo Bricking Solutions

BRICKING SOLUTIONS: Solutions for ovens

Bricking Solutions offers solutions for the maintenance of refractory furnaces. It is a set of complete, safe and effective systems to facilitate all jobs in the cement and steel sectors, mainly.

REFLEX: Instrumentation for drilling

REFLEX is the leading company in the development of technologies for the measurement and analysis of data in the mining industry. Its measuring and orientation equipment, together with management software, allow knowing the position of a hole throughout the entire journey. Perfect for jobs such as controlling or measuring the deviation of perforations in micropiles.

FELTES: aluminum gantry cranes

For more than 15 years, the German company FELTES has been designing and manufacturing products and systems for lifting and moving heavy objects, providing specialized solutions to all types of companies. Gantry cranes can be fixed or mobile.

APER DIAMOND: Consumables for cutting and drilling

As a complement to our offer of machinery, we have a wide variety of consumables for cutting and drilling: drill bits, crown bits, threaded batteries, wall-cutting discs, ground-cutting discs and diamond wire.

vonarx logo

VON ARX: Scarifiers

The company Von Arx Sweden AB is world renowned in the area of ​​surface preparation.
Its scarifying machines of different sizes and its different tools stand out.

I GET: Surface protection

Its innovative products clean, protect, maintain and improve the treated surface.
Its goal is to always offer high-tech products to professionals and customers.

logo impacts

IMPACTS: Shot blasting machines

High-quality blast machines for the preparation of concrete, steel surfaces, mineral surfaces, asphalt, natural stone and many other areas.

National Flooring Equipment: floor lifters

The National Flooring Equipment brand is known for its extensive line of flooring and surface preparation equipment. Its machines provide confidence, durability and efficiency, thanks to a team of experts and development that create the best machinery.

ICS: Chain saws for cutting concrete

ICS designs, manufactures and markets diamond chainsaws for cutting materials of all kinds: concrete, brick, natural or synthetic stone... in a multitude of construction, masonry, masonry jobs... Its saws make a precise, clean and deep cut. They are very secure.

BAIER: Portable mixers

The portable mixer for professionals. BAIER's goal is to provide reliability, speed and precision, not just day after day, but year after year. With BAIER you will always be at the forefront!

ATLAS COPCO: Hydraulic equipment, demolition and works

ATLAS COPCO designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of equipment and accessories for the construction and demolition sectors. Its products are perfect for drilling and breaking jobs, and are the ideal implement that allows the applications of other machines to be expanded.

jet logo

CONJET: Hydrodemolition equipment

Hydrodemolition is a revolutionary technology that consists of the use of high-pressure water to remove concrete in poor condition; the water penetrates through the pores of the concrete and generates an internal pressure that causes it to break. It does not affect concrete that is not damaged and does not break or crack the reinforcement inside the structure.

Logo tec system

TEC: Machinery for geotechnics and foundations

TEC SYSTEM develops geotechnical and foundation equipment, such as drilling rigs, sand traps, injection pumps and groups for soil consolidation and injection of micropiles and anchors, circulation pumps for bentonite and polymer muds, hydraulic scoops for diaphragm walls,…

ANCHOR SYSTEMS: Vulcan Earth Anchor System®

Anchor Systems manufactures and distributes mechanical ground anchors. Made of ductile cast iron or stainless steel, they are driven into the ground using driving bars and their installation is checked by stressing it up to the required load. Its anchors can be used for permanent or temporary installations.

EZ DRILL: Semi-automatic drilling equipment for bolts and anchors

EZ DRILL designs and manufactures automatic pneumatic drills, which stand out for their high productivity, speed, simplicity and safety, avoiding manual labor. They can perform one or several holes at the same time. And they also make holes for load transfer bolts.