Airstar and Brokk 70 lighting balloons. Demolition

Lighting balloons Airstar Security, world leader in sustainability, security and innovation for demolition

Productivity in night demolitions with 360º lighting

Airstar is currently the world's leading designer and manufacturer of lighting balloons. This French brand is currently distributed by Anzeve in Spain and Portugal. It is the choice of several companies for their construction work.

It offers sustainability, safety and innovation, in addition to allowing you to take advantage of the hours with less lighting.

The innovative LED technology of lighting balloons Airstar allows one 360º lighting without causing shadows or glare, and are easy to install and transport.

We develop lighting solutions for industry, construction, railways, agriculture and mining.

AirStar Security is a range that has unique and patented characteristics, complying with the lighting regulations EN 12464-2 and EN 12464-1 both indoors and outdoors, and consume less energy than other conventional lighting products.

Sirocco Redtech lighting balloon for night demolition

Sirocco Redtech lighting balloon for night demolition

The elaborate research carried out by the French company Airstar has managed to find the right materials to make their products unique, and therefore they are patented.

The balloon is made of a wrapper made of 3 layers of different materials, which makes it resistant to extreme conditions of cold, heat, water or dust. The core of the globe is made up of a mechanized metal plate with LED lights, and the tripods are made of highly resistant stainless steel that can withstand up to 100KM/H. Their low energy consumption, from 250w to 920w, and their average life of 50.000 hours, make them a sustainable and efficient solution for lighting focused on worker safety.

Among the wide range of lighting globes that Anzeve distributes, the Sirocco Pro Pack and Sirocco Red Tech, which illuminate areas from 460m2 to 6,500m2, respectively, which are available in a wide variety of heights from 200cm to 660cm.

Airstar and Brokk lighting balloons

Airstar and Brokk 70 lighting balloons. Technical demolition

Companies such as Resigal, Excavaciones y Derribos Fernando del Castillo and other renters who are experts in demolition of structures are currently using these balloons to illuminate their night works.

As seen in the pictures, Airstar y Hernia They are one of the best combinations for the demolition sector.


Brokk 800 in mine

What you will find in MMH 2022

ANZEVE is made up of a team of professionals with extensive multi-sector experience, among them, the mining sector. We are known for our ability to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions on the market, helping our clients save time and money.

And it is that the motto "We want to help you" is not given in vain: for those who have the objective of improving their processes or accessing more jobs, we recommend contacting our commercial department to obtain advice, always free and without obligation.

We continue to operate under the same principles of honesty, integrity and quality at work. We know the market, its challenges and its solutions. That is why Anzeve is today a modern company, with solid relationships with its customers and with all its international suppliers.

We summarize some products that you can see at our MMH 2022 stand:

Airstar lighting balloons:

This innovative brand has changed the way of lighting, both in open and closed spaces: we are talking about 360º lighting, consuming very little energy.

In addition, they are easy to transport and install (it only requires 1 person and 40 seconds). They do not make shadows, as is often the case with conventional methods, but rather maintain the relief as it is. They have the best LEDs and a fabric composed of materials that maximize light without causing glare. That is, the maximum in security.

hydraulic breakers in darda:

Working with breakers means offering the highest quality and safety standards when it comes to breaking rock, concrete or stone. It is done in the most controlled, fast, clean and precise way possible. Without producing vibrations, dust or noise.

It is a very easy system to use and, in addition, it does not require clearing the area, as it happens with other methods.

Electric demolition robots Hernia:

BROKK demolition robots have been created to resist in the most adverse conditions, and to facilitate as much as possible all the hard work in mining.

Inside the mine it is necessary to move with precision, in confined spaces and taking maximum care of the safety of the environment. These robots meet all the requirements, since their small size and great efficiency guarantee their work.

The articulated arms allow them to reach any corner, reducing the number of movements required and increasing the performance of each stop. The precision of work that Brokk guarantees allows to reach the same sensitivity that manual tools provide.

In addition, modified models can be installed on trucks and special transports to carry out specific tasks, thus providing versatile and very powerful solutions.

electric loaders First Green Industries:

There are no loaders like it in the world: with zero environmental impact.

Customers who opt for the new electric skid steer loaders will immediately notice a substantial improvement over conventional combustion models. And a very important saving, since the maintenance of these machines is practically non-existent. Thus, it is achieved that the cost per hour of work becomes infinitely lower.

water powered hammers Wassara:

Apart from the consumables and specialized mining materials that Anzeve has been distributing for more than 20 years, such as the wide range of down-the-hole hammers HALCO or complete drilling solutions DATC, has recently included a revolutionary brand:

Wassara sets a new standard in drilling by betting on propulsion with only water, respecting the environment and achieving deeper and straighter penetrations. For certain jobs, this solution has now been shown to be more efficient and more economical than other drilling technologies.

mist cannons spraystream y JetZone:

The most common places where dust is generated in quarries are: when drilling for blasting, breaking stone and passing wire in cut; in storage areas and loading and unloading of materials; during the crushing process, conveyor belts, and screening of materials; dust raised by the passing of trucks...

Are these problems familiar to you?

Not only is it harmful to health, but it often hinders processes during work and affects the quality of the product.

To combat them, it is necessary to know what material generates the dust and how much is produced. In this way, we can see which is the most useful micro drop of water to catch it.

The combination offered by Spraystream nebulizer cannons (water pressure, different types of nozzles and air turbulence so that the micro-droplets disperse and trap dust evenly) make them the most efficient equipment for both trapping dust and debris. smells.

These systems work once the dust is generated, however, at ANZEVE you can also find other solutions such as systems incorporated into the crushing machines. This system, Jet Zone, is patented by SprayStream and is installed externally to the crushers. The Jet Zone consists of injecting micro drops at high pressure (130 bars) inside the crusher casing. With this, the material is slightly moistened so that dust is not generated and thus does not affect the correct functioning of the machinery.

Full borehole measurements with Reflex EZ Trac:

EZ-Trac is Reflex's fastest and easiest device. It is specially designed to facilitate measurements during the drilling process.

It can perform single-shot, multi-shot, and targeting functions with precision and reliability. In addition, it performs measurements with millimeter precision in all directions, including the vertical, thanks to the use of modern magnetic and gravimetric sensors.

EZ-Trac's rugged, durable design ensures minimal maintenance time and cost, as well as avoiding delays caused by instrument failure.



The Brokk 70 robot can access galleries with an internal diameter of even 1 m

Solve problems in tunnels and galleries

Solves problems in tunnels and galleries with electrical machinery

Work in tunnels and galleries tend to be highly complex, either because they are confined spaces, or because of their dimensions, which greatly limits the size of the machinery to be used.

Nowadays, many of these problems are solved with the use of electrical machinery, thus avoiding the emission of any type of polluting gas and the use of expensive and complex fume extraction systems from the interior.

Anzeve sells a large number of machines with different purposes to be used inside tunnels, galleries and even small-sized rams.

The Brokk 70 robot can access galleries with an internal diameter of even 1 m

The robot Brok 70 can access galleries even 1 m inside diameter

The brokk robots They are undoubtedly the machines with the highest power/weight/performance ratio, which allows them to access galleries with an internal diameter of even 1m (the case of the Brokk 70).

The enormous amount of implements that they can equip, allow them to be able to carry out numerous jobs (hammer chipping, milling, material movement, bucket loading…). With a remote control with a range of up to 300m and its 100% electric motor, they are often the ideal tool for working in tunnels and galleries, whatever their size.

Sherpa Z10

the skid steer Sherpa Z10 it is 780mm wide

In the case of the loading and transportation of materials, there are also numerous electrical options for both chargers and minidumpers, with different battery options (they are always autonomous machines that do not require a physical connection to the power supply) and even with remote control for places where there is a certain danger to the operator.

The Kovaco Mini Z has a load capacity of 400 kg

La Kovaco Mini Z has a load capacity of 400 kg

In this sense, the models of wheel loaders sherpa y Kovaco With widths from 780 mm and load capacities between 400 and 1500 kg per shovel, they can be the ideal solution for clean and efficient work in any gallery.

The transport of materials is also a field that is covered thanks to the use of battery minidumpers with load capacities of between 400 and 1000 kg, such as Alitrak. They are machines powered by lithium batteries that provide autonomy for more than 10 hours of use, with the possibility of partial fast charging. There are options with wheels or caterpillars for translation, and even with the option of self-loading material, using a front shovel.


Elise 900 with wood

Why bet on electric skid steers this year

The use of electric skid steers will allow potential customers to access a new market of possibilities: where the use of combustion machinery is beginning to be prohibited. The absence of polluting and noise emissions makes it easy to get jobs in residential environments and confined spaces.

How does an electric skid steer work?

La skid steer Kovaco Elise 900 It is the largest that exists in this category. Its total electric drive is produced thanks to three motors and battery power supply, which gives it autonomy in continuous use of up to 10 hours.

Regarding load, the Elise 900 enters the TOP of large skid steers with extraordinary performance and a rated operating capacity of 1400 kg per shovel. In addition, as it has a working height of more than 3,6 meters, it can easily load almost any type of truck or container.

It is the safest skid steer loader in the world: the possibility of managing the machine from a distance eliminates the risks that may occur on site. Thus, the remote control endows the largest model in the family Kovaco safety standards never before seen in any other skid steer.

Finally, whoever needs to change the implement can choose from more than 100 options between buckets, cleaning rollers, augers, plows, brushcutters, shovels, sweepers, etc... In the same way that, as an extra, air conditioning or extended battery can be requested for greater autonomy.

> See technical data sheet Elise 900

Customers who opt for the new electric skid steer loaders will immediately notice a substantial improvement over conventional combustion models. And a very important saving, since the maintenance of these machines is practically non-existent. Thus, it is achieved that the cost per hour of work becomes infinitely lower.

Kovaco Elise 900 Electric Skid Steer Loader

Elise 900 with saucepan

For those looking for a new, smaller skid steer:

In a couple of months the new Sherpa Z10, distributed exclusively by Anzeve. The possibility of using it indoors through doors (it measures only 760 mm) has made it a great demand since its presentation at SMOPYC.

In this case, it is a battery-powered electric model with optimal performance thanks to the use of 4 electric motors (1 for each wheel). Since each wheel is individually driven, the Sherpa Z10 It achieves greater versatility and displacement capacity.

Its new battery concept "Smart battery" stands out, which extends the recharging intervals until obtaining a range of more than 6 hours in constant operation. Likewise, its load capacity has increased to 900 kg in optimal conditions.

Those who work indoors will find the ideal solution in this Sherpa model: a compact and powerful skid steer loader that adapts to any environment and has no polluting emissions.

Sherpa Z10 electric skid steer loader

Sherpa Z10


BROKK 200 with Darda CC480 shear

ANZEVE news at SMOPYC 2021

During the event, ANZEVE will show important novelties, among which the loader Kovaco Mini Z, which was going to be presented in 2020 in the technical novelty contest; the new flooring brand that it has been distributing since January of this year, Avalanche; a new concept of drilling with hammers propelled solely with water, Wassara; and the latest addition to its range of electrical products, Sherpa Z10.

Sherpa Z10

As every year, ANZEVE participates with its wide range of products from different sectors at the SMOPYC fair. On this occasion, you can visit them in Hall 6 with a stand of more than 300 m2, divided into four parts to show all their demolition, industrial, mining and soil machinery.

Those interested in demolition and industry cannot miss the exhibition of demolition robots Hernia, breakers and shears in darda, the dumpers of Alitrak and the loaders of Kovaco y sherpa. These last two brands have expanded and improved their offer with new models (Mini Z and Z10, respectively) designed to adapt to new customer needs and demands.

Kovaco Mini Z

Kovaco Mini Z

New brands like Vacuworx, which will surprise you with its lifting system applying vacuum, and Hycon, a set of hydraulic tools that makes life easier for those experts who want to bet on performance and reliability.

These famous teams that are betting on the electric future are distributed in Spain exclusively by ANZEVE, so they are a must for those people who wish to be up to date with the latest technologies available in the world.

Regarding the mining and drilling sector, ANZEVE continues to represent the brands with the highest quality machinery and consumables on the market, which is why reflex, Let's go back, hawk y DATC will once again visit the SMOPYC fair, this time accompanied by a new technology: Wassara, which has come to revolutionize drilling standards by betting on propulsion with only water, respecting the environment and achieving deeper and straighter penetrations.

wassara hammer

wassara hammer

The big change compared to other editions will be seen in floors and surfaces, since ANZEVE has started the year betting on a set of new solutions that include Lavina (Superabrasive), impacts, vonArx y National Flooring: polishing machines, shot blasting machines, milling machines and paving lifters; world reference brands that join I get and the complete Anzeve Optimalfloor system to ensure success for your customers when carrying out surface preparations and floor finishes.


Lavina polisher and vacuum cleaner

Finally, ANZEVE will showcase the two brands of dust suppression that became hugely popular in the wake of the pandemic and are now a must-have for those who have tried them: spraystream y MaxVac.

We encourage you to discover more by visiting stand 17-22, EF streets, inside Hall 6!


anzeve floors and surfaces web

We launch the new Anzeve website dedicated to Floors and Surfaces

At Anzeve we distribute a wide variety of machinery to prepare floors and surfaces and finishes.

For more than 20 years we have had a team of experienced professionals, in continuous training, and actively collaborating with the main suppliers in the sector. We are endorsed by the trust that many clients and prescribers have placed in us.

We have a new website for ANZEVE FLOORS AND SURFACES where you will find all the innovative brands with which we work and with which we help our clients to carry out any type of action in this sector.

We have polishers and vacuum cleaners from the Lavina brand (Superabrasive) as well as a wide variety of diamond tools to adapt to each type of work.

We also distribute the best quality Portamix mixers and National Flooring Equipment floor lifters: to remove carpet, rugs, vinyl or ceramic.

Ask about our Von Arx scarifying machines or Impacts shot blasting machines, we guarantee that they are the most efficient on the market.

Finally, we attach great importance to products that improve surfaces, such as Obtego, those that help to maintain them properly, such as the range of SupraShine discs, or the complete system for polishing and finishing concrete floors. OPTIMAL FLOOR: through which, through a highly studied and proven protocol, a hard surface is left, with a natural shine and of high quality, both aesthetic and functional.

Visit to discover all our offer in detail and write to us at to be able to be aware of the promotions that we launch regularly.


Installation of pipes by driving with Brokk 70 in impossible terrain

The Catalana de Perforacions company is a benchmark in drilling worldwide. They innovate in technology to be able to do the most complicated jobs with the greatest safety.
Installation of pipes by driving with Brokk 70
This is the case of an 80-meter-long piling, with a 3-meter-diameter concrete tube, in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona). And it is that thanks to this system that is used to build, replace or repair all kinds of pipes avoiding the annoying opening of trenches in cities, an essential road has been avoided.

When the ground does not allow driving the pipes, the Brokk robots can go inside them to chip any type of rock or material, no matter how hard it is, with the hydraulic hammer. Brokk robots have many advantages over conventional machines: they are controlled remotely so that the operator is out of the risk zone, they are totally electric and, therefore, they do not emit smoke (which is an essential feature for working in confined spaces) and its performance/weight ratio is up to 5 times higher than any conventional machinery.

These robots have also been used to dig and extract all the material that remains inside the tube, since they can carry a very large number of different implements that allow them to carry out a wide variety of jobs.

Exactly, the Brokk 70 model is capable of entering through a width of 60 cm and carries a 100 kg hydraulic hammer as standard, although it can also mount wall chasers, shears or handling hands.

Catalana de Perforacions has relied on the experience of Anzeve, distributor of Brokk demolition robots, to provide a solution to these jobs inside the jacking, which with operators would have been impossible to carry out.


B900 tunnel

BROKK 900 – Introducing the world's most powerful demolition robot.

Brokk, represented in Spain by Anzeve, introduces the new Brokk 900, the "world's largest and most powerful" demolition robot. It builds on and improves on the success of its predecessor, taking a huge step forward in power and performance. The Brokk 900 has 25% more power and meets the new industry benchmark for reliability that Brokk introduced with its SmartPower technology. Two versions are available, the standard Brokk 900 with “the most powerful hammer ever fitted to a demolition robot”, and the Brokk 900 Rotoboom with a high-precision rotary arm system.

Ten years after the introduction of the Brokk 800, the world's largest demolition robot to date, Brokk is now introducing the next generation with the new Brokk 900. Building on the success and experiences of the predecessor, Brokk has developed the new robot for stand up to the extremes and requirements of the toughest hard rock underground jobs.

The Brokk 900 is a huge step forward in many ways. The design and engineering of the machine is reinforced, the power is increased, its operation is even more precise and the new hammer is more powerful. And all this with hardly any increase in size and weight. An exclusive development of Brokk.

Using Brokk SmartPower technology to improve the powertrain, the Brokk 900 offers a 25% increase in power output. At the same time, the machine's reliability and uptime meet the new industry benchmark for demolition robots set by the introduction of Brokk SmartPower a few years ago.

The standard Brokk 900 comes with a choice of two different hydraulic breakers, both of which are more powerful than the Brokk 800 breaker:

  • BHB 1500: a 1.500 kg breaker hammer for the hardest materials. Coupled with the hydraulic power of the Brokk 900, this offers extraordinary hitting power. Excellent for breaking down really hard rocks.
  • BHB 1300: a slightly lighter hammer for maximum productivity in heavy concrete demolition. When not breaking tough granite rock, this hammer's higher frequency and more agile size will maximize production rate.

Of course, as with all Brokk robots, it's easy to switch between hammers to ensure you always have the optimal attachment for the job.

Brooks 900

The Brokk 900 Rotoboom is designed to offer maximum flexibility in applications where access and precision are more important than power. It has 360 degree continuous arm rotation with smooth movements for maximum precision, is heat protected for refractory work in metal plants and comes with Brokk's patented heat protected hydraulic hammer.

Both versions of the Brokk 900 come with a choice of electric or diesel powertrain. The electric motor is the obvious choice both for the lowest cost of operation and for being more environmentally friendly. However, the new diesel engine is no slouch, meeting the most stringent emissions standards in existence today. Meets US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V standard.

And finally, serviceability is also up a notch for the Brokk 900. Although the machine is large, weighing over 11 tons, it is designed to be serviced by one person. No need to lift heavy objects.

“In general, the new Brokk 900 represents what characterizes us. More power in a compact and smart package. And that is still true even for our largest demolition robot,” says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk.

Deliveries of the new Brokk 900 will begin at the end of the second quarter of 2021.


brokk connect

The new Brokk Connect digital platform

Brokk Connect is a hardware and software solution designed exclusively for Brokk robots, connecting the robots to an online portal where users can track and manage their machines. In addition to providing real-time data, it analyzes the information to help Brokk robot owners optimize machine utilization and uptime. In addition, combined with the Brokk Uptime service contract, it allows Brokk robot customers to fully focus on maximizing the value of their business.

Brokk Connect is an online platform developed especially for connected Brokk robots. The solution includes hardware and software that are unique to meet the specific operating and management requirements of demolition robots.

The Brokk Connect hardware installed on the machine is connected to both the control unit and all sensors. Brokk Connect software is uniquely designed to process and analyze all data from the robot to help Brokk owners and operators always stay in full control. To provide the best coverage and always-on operation, the connection to the robot is made through the mobile phone network.

Through the online platform, the user can locate and manage the entire fleet of robots, obtain precise information on each activity and alert them to any need for attention or service requirement. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Access: You will always have access to real-time information about the robot's location, status, operational data and any need for care.
  • Manager: Leverage operational data to increase fleet utilization, fleet operation, and optimize project planning. Track machine health to proactively maintain machines and prevent downtime. And troubleshoot remotely and in real time if something goes wrong.
  • Relax: Add an Uptime service contract to Brokk Connect and let Brokk take care of your machines. Brokk monitors and keeps its robots healthy and always ready for the next job.

“Since Brokk Connect is a solution developed by Brokk, and not a standard system added to the robot, it has been designed from the ground up to create maximum value for Brokk owners. Whether the user's goal is to improve machine utilization and business operation or to maintain and monitor machine health, the system supports them,” says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group.

“In fact, more and more customers are discovering the value of simply letting Brokk take care of their robots, while they focus on running their business,” adds Martin.

Brokk Connect will initially launch in Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. Later in 2021, it will be available in the rest of Europe and North America, and eventually the rest of the world.

Brokk Connect will be available for delivery on all new Brokk robots, but can also be upgraded on older models. In this way, Brokk customers can connect their entire fleet.


Demonstrations of electrical machinery Get closer to the future!

If you want to know more about the world of electrical machinery, this is your opportunity! Anzeve will be carrying out several demotours in different cities to bring the future of machines closer to all of Spain. Malaga, Alicante and Barcelona are the places chosen.

These three demotours planned, for the moment, for this difficult year 2020, will be carried out thanks to the collaboration of TOOLQUICK. Anyone who wants to can attend to find out about the solutions we provide to each sector and learn from our experience.

What can you see?

Brokk – chop faster

It is the perfect solution when you need to finish a difficult project quickly and efficiently, since its productivity is 4 times higher than that of conventional machinery.

Brokk demolition robots, in their different sizes, differ by providing greater power and safety, thanks to their engineering and remote control, as well as their total absence of emissions as they are fully electric machines.

There is a huge amount of work behind it to achieve this perfect combination of strength, size and light weight. Plus, they reach places other machines can't and are capable of climbing stairs or getting into tight spaces.

Sherpa – charge in less time

Sherpa allows reducing labor by 5, saving time and money.

The Sherpa 100 Eco mini loader has brought about a revolution in the world of construction and demolition. It has a compact size without reducing power and an electric motor together with long-lasting batteries that allow it to work for more than one working day without the need to recharge it.

Kovaco – charge while spending less

Think how much you are going to save on fuel.

In the Kovaco you will find all the benefits of a loader, plus a big difference: zero pollution and noise.

The world's first electric loader is controlled remotely with extremely high movement precision.

Alitrak – move without stopping

Thanks to its easy control and great manoeuvrability, Alitrak is an essential ally on any job site, as many companies in this market already know.

The MT-500 electric mini dumper has four puncture-proof wheels, with a solid steel structure. It has been designed with a motor, long-lasting batteries and other protected components to work efficiently, safely, silently and without any type of emissions.

Spraystream – forget the powder

In recent months, more than 30 units have been sold, proving its effectiveness against any type of problem.

Spraystream is helping to control and suppress the dust generated in the different activities of the sector thanks to a simple and very useful system: a column of microdroplets of water.

Would you like to attend? You just have to let us know that you will come to see us

  • The first demotour will take place in Malaga, on July 1 and 2, at Calle París 51.
  • The next one will be in Alicante, on July 22 and 23, at Carretera d'Ocaña 43.
  • And the last one at Av. La Ferreria 62 in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), on September 8 and 9.

These demotours are free and do not have any kind of commitment.


Brokk Decaler without background

New Brokk solution to demolish crust and refractory from preheating towers

Hernia, a world leader in the manufacture of remote-controlled demolition robots, presents the new Brokk Descaler: a solution specially designed for the demolition of refractories, coatings and accumulations in various areas of the preheating towers, mainly in cement and alumina plants. Through a telescopic arm that offers outstanding reach and remote control handling with the same precision as robots, the Brokk Descaler revolutionizes the work method when extracting material in preheating towers.

Health and safety is a constant challenge and a major issue for cement plants around the world. The dangerous job of removing refractory material and buildup in cement kilns and coolers has historically endangered many workers…but By using remote controlled Brokk robots, safety has been greatly improved. Similar problems with refractory and lining have also occurred in the upper areas of preheat towers for years, in the absence of a safe and efficient solution.

New Brokk Escaler.

New Brokk Escaler.

Conventional methods often involve manual pre-inspection before sending workers onto scaffolding with hand tools, making the job critical and time consuming. In this sense, the Brokk Descaler offers many advantages, especially in terms of productivity. With quick installation, faster demolition and no scaffolding required, downtime is greatly reduced. And since the Brokk Descaler doesn't require people to enter the tower, work can begin in temperatures up to 80°C.

Today, workers are not only exposed to the risk of falling debris, but also from silica dust entering the body and skin. Additionally, vibration from hand tools is a known problem causing the 'white fingers' symptom. The Brokk Descaler keeps operators at a safe distance and therefore risks such as these are eliminated or significantly reduced.

Brokk Decaler in preheating tower

Through a telescopic arm that offers outstanding reach and remote control handling with the same precision as robots, the Brokk Descaler revolutionizes the work method when extracting material in preheating towers.

“Brokk robots have replaced manual labor for refractory and lining removal in cement kilns around the world for years. With this solution we can also protect workers in the preheater tower, where the risk of falling debris is as high as in a furnace”, says Joakim Furtenback, Director of International Sales at Brokk AB, Sweden.

The Brokk Descaler was evolved from a standard Brokk robot and modified to suit the preheat tower application without compromising power. The telescopic arm is extensible in one or two sections that allow the development of demolition work in installations up to 9,5 m in diameter.

As preheater towers are of different designs and accumulation appears in various places depending on design, material and other factors, a flexible solution is required. The Brokk Descaler is carefully designed for use in a wide variety of installations and is easy to move anywhere in the tower as it can be transported in most elevators. Installation can be completed in less than three hours and once installed, the operator can safely control the work from the outside through windows, allowing for precise and controlled demolition.

brokk decaler in use

The operator can safely control the work from the outside through windows, allowing precise and controlled demolition.

“Once you have seen the benefits of using the Brokk Descaler, there is no going back to the dangerous methods used previously,” concludes Joakim Furtenback.

Hundreds of tons of refractory can be removed with zero physical contact and at a much faster rate than manual labor. This guarantees high productivity and safety for workers. In short, a safer and more efficient workplace.


The UME disinfects at Ifema with Spraystream

Voluntary Anzeve against coronavirus: The UME uses Spraystream nebulizer cannons to disinfect

On March 14, as soon as the State of Alarm was decreed, we realized that the situation was really serious and that the only thing we could do to contribute our bit in the fight against the coronavirus was to offer the machines that we had available for demonstrations and also the ones we had in stock.

Spraystream Nebulizer Cannon to disinfect

One of the systems that seemed to be able to be more efficient was el Spraystream fogger cannon, whose main use is to mitigate dust in suspension in different workplaces. The first action was to check with the supplier of the nebulizer cannons if they considered it possible to adapt them to eliminate particles as small as those of a virus. The response was positive, comparing it to the same high-pressure Spraystream used at festivals.

Knowing this, We launched ourselves to offer the solution for free to our clients, through our website and social networks, for whoever needed it. The only essential thing was to be sure that you were not nebulizing contaminated water, so the ideal thing was to pass the water that was used through an ultraviolet filter to eliminate bacteria or that had been previously treated. In addition, we advise that the ideal application would be on a truck or trailer with an electric generator and a water tank to include the mixture with the disinfectant product.

On March 21, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) he wrote to us confirming that they would come to our facilities for the cannons to disinfect and that same weekend the project was approved. Since then, the UME has launched the decontamination of large spaces using diluted bleach (sodium hypochlorite), a great help in all disinfection tasks that are being carried out throughout the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus as part of the " Operation Balmis”.

The first success, which served as a pilot project, was in the IFEMA pavilions: right now it is serving as a hospital to accommodate mild Covid-19 patients. Since then, the streets of different municipalities, airports, stations, markets and residences in Toledo, Seville, Madrid and Valencia have been disinfected.

Until today 15 have been lent Spraystream fog cannons (10 35i, 4 25i and 1 15i), among those of Anzeve, those of our rental client toolquick and other companies that have purchased the solution.

And although they may physically resemble each other, the Spraystreams have nothing to do with snow cannons. With our solution, microdroplets of water are generated in a very controlled way, capable of reaching all nooks and crannies in a very homogeneous way and trapping tiny particles in the environment, at a distance of up to 100 meters.

In conclusion, We want to thank the UME for the trust placed in Anzeve. We are receiving many words of affection and gratitude. We feel very proud and lucky to be able to help this great team, which is giving everything for our families.



Nebulizer cannons to disinfect

Nebulizer cannons to disinfect

One of the uses that we are proposing is its mobile configuration:

We can use the same spraystream High-pressure cleaners that are used at festivals, as they are the best option for removing harmful particles, even the size of a virus like Covid-19, thanks to their micro-droplets. As long as you are certain that you are not nebulizing contaminated water (ideally, pass it through an ultraviolet filter to eliminate bacteria) or that it has been previously treated.

For the application, a truck or trailer with an electric generator and a water tank would be needed, where the mixture with the disinfectant product would have been included.

Air purifiers to prevent

On the other hand, for closed places it would be convenient to use air filters Max Vac, capable of removing particles of up to 0,3 microns and with a filtration efficiency of 99,995%, more than what is required by regulations to combat a virus like the one we are currently facing.

It should be noted that we cannot give any guarantee about the effect nor can we be responsible for all side effects. The ultimate responsibility lies with the government.

Dustblocker Max Vac

Dustblocker Max Vac 900


wassara hammer

Water-powered drilling technology: Optimal in any environment

LKAB Wassara is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures unique water-powered drilling systems for high performance in both surface and underground drilling operations. The heart of the Wassara drilling system is its world-patented, water-powered down-the-hole hammer.

It was founded in 1988 and is owned by the Swedish mining company LKAB. The goal from the beginning has been to find other industries where water-powered drilling technology has the same benefit as it does for LKAB.

In recent years, Wassara has been building an organization to manage market demand for new areas such as geotechnical, dam, survey and exploration drilling.

  • “We now have the technology, resources and references to succeed outside of the mining industry” says Kent Boström, Communications Manager at Wassara. “We confidently hope that this year will be the start of something big. Now we can show several examples of demanding applications where water-powered drilling has been absolutely superior to other drilling technologies.”

From air to water:

Previously, LKAB used air to propel down-the-hole hammers, as is common throughout the mining industry. But this is not a completely optimal drilling technology.

They were looking to increase accuracy since the technology of the time provided limited depth.

Longer, straighter holes would yield more iron ore per blast, which is important for lowering the cost of production. In addition, it was necessary to minimize the oil and the amount of dust suspended in the air.

The new technology meant using water instead of air to both power and lubricate the equipment. Water powered drilling is today better and cheaper than other drilling technologies. It has proven to be able to drill straighter and deeper, consume less energy and have less impact on the environment.

 For Swedish mining company LKAB, this means that its holes are now twice as long (from 28 to 56 metres) and each blast delivers eight times as much ore. 20 years of its use have helped it to be a world leader in its market, drilling more than 18 million meters of holes. They are all very well documented.

All features:

Using water is optimal since it cannot be compressed. The amount of water that comes out of the hammer is the same that has fed the system. Minimal pressure loss means power doesn't change no matter how deep you're drilling. The drilling efficiency is equally high regardless of whether the depth is 10, 100 or 1000 meters.

The use of water for power transmission also means that power is fully transferred to the hammer, making it possible to drill smaller diameter holes as well. Today, with water propulsion, holes with diameters from 65 to 254 mm can be drilled.

The water pressure is up to 180 bar, compared to 30 for air. The difference is notable in the frequency of blows. A hammer Wassara provides 3.600 hits per minute (60 Hz), while a jackhammer delivers 2.000-2.700 blows per minute (35-45 Hz).

When drilling with water-powered rigs, a few 300 liters of water per minute to power the hammer. Since water is incompressible, just those 300 liters of water will be introduced into the borehole.

  • “For a DTH hammer of the same size, but powered by air, 24.000 liters of air per minute (400 liters per second) are required, compressed to 30 bar,” says Kent Boström. “When leaving the drill, the air wants to expand again to its original volume without compression, that is, 720.000 ”

The air will then gain an ascent speed of 40-80 meters per second in the borehole. Blocking risk varies with formation, but a blocked hole will quickly lead into a large volume of air, trying to find an alternate escape route.

When drilling in urban areas, buildings and other constructions will be at risk if the formation becomes pressurized. That's why, water drilling is prescribed in many urban and residential areas.

Accuracy was also important to LKAB when the technology was developed. Details such as the water and the shape of the hammer allow drilling in a straight line and with high accuracy. Various tests indicate that a well deviation is around 1-2% in a 200 meter hole, compared to approximately 15-20% deviation when drilling with air technology.

Respectful with the environment:

When pierced with Wassara oil is not required for the lubrication of the equipment, so it will not be able to harm the environment.

Furthermore, both energy consumption and CO2 emissions are significantly lower than when using compressed air:

  • To feed a 6″ air DTH hammer, a compressor is required that provides 570 l/s at 35 bar; The required power is
  • To feed a 6″ DTH hammer, a high pressure pump is required that provides 490 l/min at 200 bar; The required power is

SUCCESS CASE EXAMPLE: The Angostura hydroelectric plant “Water-propelled drilling in confined galleries”

A 320 MW hydroelectric plant

The Angostura Hydroelectric Plant is located about 600 km south of Santiago, being the largest built in Chile since 2004. A total of 200.000 m3 of concrete were used in its construction. It has a generating capacity of 320 MW, enough to power 300.000 homes. These were the conditions during its construction:

The bedrock needed to be protected from water, for this purpose 64 mm holes were drilled and grouting (cement grout) was applied. The Wassara system was also used for drainage drilling with 100 mm diameter drills; in one of the drilled sites to drain the curtain along the dam, 3.200 meters were drilled down and

1.100 meters ascending. Finally, the allowed deviation was established at 2% for the entire length of the holes and Wassara focused on meeting and exceeding this requirement.

Drilling in narrow galleries

Drilling in narrow galleries

Confined drift drilling

Part of the drilling took place in 2,5 meter high drifts. This drilling was done with 64mm diameter drills which was a bit unusual as there was only 1,2 meters of clearance to operate above the rig. The drill pipes were 1 meter long, which is not optimal for straight drilling. Despite this, Wassara achieved the required deviation accuracy.

a satisfied customer

Alberto Mukden is the Production Manager of the contractor company Terratest piles. He says: “The Wassara system was very satisfactory throughout this project. We have been able to meet the goal of having minimal deviation and we have improved production ranges without increasing consumable costs. Dust-free drilling and low noise emissions gave us a healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable working environment inside the working gallery.”

Preparation of the drilling plan

Preparation of the drilling plan



Control droplet size to mitigate dust

We all know how difficult it is to work in dusty environments, especially when the dust is airborne. Dust mitigation will help to reduce maintenance, machinery and cleaning costs, but also to improve the well-being of workers and neighbors and to increase visibility and minimize accidents.

European directive 2017/2398, which must be transposed into Spanish regulations before January 17, 2020, considers various agents, in their respirable fraction, as mutagens and carcinogens. One of them is crystalline silica dust. Therefore, the suspended dust produced in quarries, aggregates, mines or recycling tasks (which contains this crystalline silica) can cause cancer and silicosis to workers and the general public.
From the European Union, they have already begun to demand preventive actions from companies that are dedicated to carrying out work that entails these risks.

The strategy to be followed is prevention: prevent dust from being generated and suspended. The second is collective protection, that is, preventing said dust from reaching people. And as the last step, individual protection. In no case is individual protection alone enough; there should be both collective and prevention if possible.

On the other hand, the main measure that must be adopted is to act on the source of dust emission to prevent it from being suspended or mitigate it as soon as possible. One of the most effective systems for this is based on the nebulization of water by cannons, which can reduce up to 11 times the amount of dust.

The behavior of dust depending on its size

The respirable fraction of crystalline silica is 10 micrometers (µm) or less. The fraction visible to the human eye is from 30 µm. This means that the carcinogenic dust is invisible. The other larger dust particles, between 60 and 200 μm, can become suspended by air movements, but they would only rise to 1 meter or so under normal conditions and would fall to the ground on their own in no time.

However, those smaller than 60 μm would remain suspended for long periods of time and travel long distances in the air. Precisely, the respirable fraction (less than 10 µm) travels even longer distances. Remember that these particles are carcinogenic and mutagenic.

In mining, before the dust is put into suspension, water nozzles should be used very close to the source of emission (25 to 30cm) with drop sizes greater than 100 μm, preferably 200 to 500 μm to wet the materials.

Instead, if the dust is already airborne, the goal is to mitigate it. To achieve this, the water droplets must be similar in size to the dust particles. The intent is to cause the droplets to collide and stick (clump) to the dust particles, causing them to fall out of the air. In this case, droplets in the 2-20 μm range have been shown to be the most effective.

If the droplet diameter is much larger than that of the dust particle, the latter will simply follow the airflow around the droplet. If the water droplet is of comparable size to the dust particle, contact will occur; this occurs when the dust particle, following the current, collides with the drop (Illustration 1). Therefore, for optimal agglomeration, the sizes of particles and water droplets should be approximately equivalent.

Figure 1. Effect of droplet size on the impact of dust particles

Figure 1. Effect of droplet size on the impact of dust particles

Better more drops, less volume

In addition, the probability of impaction also increases as the size of the droplets decreases. This is simply because the smaller the size of the water droplets, the more water droplets there will be and the more surface area covered.

Figure 2. Droplet count by size for a mean 34,6 µm droplet

Figure 2. Droplet count by size for a mean 34,6 µm droplet

Next, Table 1 relates the size range of dust particles that can be produced in a mining job with the size range of common precipitation drops. The table also includes the time it takes for each kind of droplet to fall a distance of 10 feet (approx. 3 meters), to give the reader an estimate of how long these drops of various sizes will stay in the air.

Figure 3. Comparison of sizes between common precipitation particles and droplets [Bartell and Jett 2005]

Figure 3. Comparison of sizes between common precipitation particles and droplets [Bartell and Jett 2005]

The key: the mouthpieces

Many factors can affect droplet size: fluid properties, nozzle capacity, spray pressure or angle.
In Spain, the National Institute of Silicosis (INS) emphasizes the importance of choosing the ideal size of the water droplets, since, if the adequate size of the drop is not produced, the dust will not be mitigated. As can be seen in Illustration 2, with an average droplet size of 34,6 µm, the vast majority of the droplets are smaller than 20 µm.
Misting systems such as SprayStream, distributed by Anzeve in Spain, produce micro-droplets of water capable of trapping suspended dust particles without wetting the ground. These barrels are manufactured in different sizes and ranges and allow you to choose the right nozzles to achieve the desired size in each situation.
Now that you understand the importance of droplet size, all that remains is to contact an expert to be able to determine which style of nozzle and spray pattern suits your needs, what is the appropriate angle, what pressure variable to choose, with what impact to the surface, where to install them and what type of water to use.

A case study in New Delhi

This general air quality study was done during a construction process. The result is truly amazing: the drop in ambient air pollution is over 90% thanks to SprayStream.

Figure 4. Pre-sampling report (without SprayStream)

Figure 4. Pre-sampling report (without SprayStream)

Figure 5. Post Sampling Report (with SprayStream)

Figure 5. Post Sampling Report (with SprayStream)


Alhambra containers: an example to follow in terms of protection against carcinogens

With thirty years of experience and recognized prestige, Contenedores Alhambra has already acquired a SprayStream nebulizer cannon to keep dust under control in each of its different types of work.

Miguel Ángel Robles, manager of this leading company in the inert waste collection and transport sector, has told us about the results he has obtained after using it: "The greatest benefit of having a SprayStream cannon is that we can ensure the health of the workers and avoid any disturbance to the areas adjacent to the work”.

Crystalline silica is present in most of the materials commonly used in construction and in almost all applications in quarries and mines, demolitions, recycling plants, etc. These jobs not only produce respirable dust, but also greatly increase dirt and bad odors and significantly decrease visibility.

Contenedores Alhambra works in the city of Granada and its metropolitan area, so special care must be taken not to disturb the surrounding neighbors and more sensitive areas, such as hospitals. Using the words of Miguel Ángel Robles: “In an urban center it is mandatory and necessary to have an effective solution to mitigate dust”.

He himself affirms that with SprayStream they have managed to reduce dust by 80% and that they will continue to use this method when necessary.

How do SprayStream fog cannons work?

They have a very simple operation: they spray microdroplets of water that collide with the dust particles. When water and dust come together, they both fall to the ground. But for it to work, the most important thing is to get the granulometry of the drops right, since they must be similar in size to those of dust. The problem with these particles is that they are imperceptible to the eye, so "invisible" drops are needed to mitigate it.

To choose this size it is important to choose the ideal nozzles and pressures, in fact, the National Institute of Silicosis (INS) states that it is important to choose the "appropriate nozzles to optimize the dragging of particles".
Acting on the emission source is the fundamental task if you want to reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, silicosis, black lung disease or asbestos inhalation.

Miguel Ángel Robles wants to address companies in the sector: “I would recommend using SprayStream in all situations where there is dust in the environment; in fact, when we do not have it on site we use it in mobile crushing plants”.


10 reasons why Brokk demolition robots are the most efficient in foundries and steelworks

  • If you have ever wondered what would be the ideal way to demolish refractory or slag, at Anzeve we have experts in the metallurgical industry who have the answer. The multiple advantages and success stories of robots will be uncovered during the Bilbao Foundry Day (September 26)
  • As safety comes first in these cases, we would highlight Brokk's remote control, which allows operators to maintain a safe distance from which they can operate the machine with the most

Madrid, 26/09/2019. Demolishing bricks and hot cleaning slag would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. However, today we can present several success stories where the work done has been excellent and the risk minimal. We have the Swedish brand Brokk to thank.

Beyond the final result, the presentation of these demolition robots represents a revolution in productivity and comfort during work in foundries and steelworks.

These 10 reasons prove that Brokk is the most efficient solution for metalworking:

  1. Your primary task is to increase productivity by reducing downtime
  2. Precision and maximum durability
  3. Incredible heat resistance allows you to work even in extreme heat
  4. Its compact design makes it possible to fit into areas where no other machine can.
  5. With its optimal power it provides fast and efficient performance
  6. Demolishing with remote control increases the safety of the workers involved
  7. And it ensures that the operator can choose the best possible view of the job.
  8. Precise movements ensure an extraordinary user experience
  9. 3-arm system allows for exceptional reach and power, in all directions
  10. These machines can carry a wide range of powerful tools

In conclusion, thanks to their characteristics, construction design and their weight/power ratio, they can be used for ladle cleaning both hot and cold, refining processes, torpedo cleaning, slag and refractory removal in furnaces, etc.

How do we apply these features in real life? Power in foundry ladles

Brokk robots can remove the slag generated in the ladles after casting processes, both hot and cold (thanks to the cooling systems).

This procedure is normally done with jackhammers, but they are dangerous and time consuming jobs. On the other hand, Brokk guarantees speed and zero risks for the operator, which means great savings in both costs and time.

Let's take the example of a cold job: it has been proven that a Brokk robot is up to 4 times faster than a conventional machine of the same size.

Precision mold cleaning

 During the casting process, liquid metal is poured into sand molds. When this process has finished, it must be removed quickly and in a controlled manner so as not to damage the material at any time. Thanks to the precision of the Brokk robots, this process is simple and does not damage the piece in any way.

Oven Safety

 Refractory kilns need to be cleaned and repaired several times a year. With Brokk, this work, which is somewhat dangerous as it is a confined space, can be carried out very quickly, safely and accurately. The removal of slag without damaging the brick is a fundamental job, which is why Brokk offers a wide variety of sizes, so that there is always a suitable robot for each kiln.

Versatility in sprue channels

Sprue or bleed channels must be partially or totally repaired from time to time. The work can be carried out with Brokk robots thanks to its great versatility to be placed in practically any working position and allow the operator to have optimal vision at all times.

Sometimes these jobs have to be done while hot, which is not a problem for Brokk thanks to its anti-heat protection system and forced cooling for the hammer and electrical system.


In extreme environments it is necessary to resort to new technologies, which provide high security and cost and time savings. These are not just words, since during the Casting Day in Bilbao Anzeve will teach practical cases such as the removal of old refractory lining in iron ladles, cleaning of sticking in a refractory furnace and more.


AG Demolitions: "There is a lot to do in demolition and Anzeve gives us the opportunity"

  • Anzeve has been integrating all the necessary machinery to carry out demolition processes and make jobs easier, simpler and less expensive for more than 20 years.
  • AG Demolitions, which works throughout the national territory, has several teams distributed by Anzeve due to their high performance and the opportunities for improvement they offer

Madrid, 02/09/2019. AG Demolitions has been operating in Spain since 1988 and during this time it has acquired five Brokk demolition robots and a Spraystream fogger cannon.

José Vidal Saavedra, general manager of AG Demolitions, tells us the reasons why he decided to purchase demolition robots and Spraystream spray cannons: "I think we were pioneers in incorporating Brokk machines into the demolition sector in Spain and Since then we have relied on its ability to work and its high performance in difficult conditions. On the other hand, the incorporation of Spraystream equipment was a commitment to improve sustainability and environmental commitment within the area of ​​mechanical demolition”.

Likewise, to work in the field of demolition, you need to have machines that allow you to carry out the work correctly, as well as prevent possible risks that workers could have and reduce working times as much as possible. As José Vidal Saavedra affirms, “machines have been created to improve working conditions and must be used whenever circumstances allow it; Although we do all kinds of demolition, we are widely known in the industry for demolition work by mechanical means. This means that machinery is essential for us.”

On the other hand, the use of these machines has great advantages. In the case of Brokk demolition robots, for example, the great advantage is the weight/power ratio they offer, the best on the market. In this way, they can demolish in very small spaces where other machines would not reach, without reducing the power in the demolition. AG Demolitions has it clear: "The 'robots' (as Brokk machines are known in the market) have a differential characteristic with respect to the rest of light machinery: the high coefficient in the performance/operating weight ratio".

On the other hand, Spraystream guns help mitigate the dust generated during demolition processes. Thanks to the micro drops of water, visibility is increased to carry out work, bad odors are reduced and workers are prevented from inhaling carcinogenic dust, which is harmful to health. "The Spraystream cannons have allowed us to reduce water consumption and improve dust emission control conditions in demolitions with long-arm equipment."

Finally, José Vidal Saavedra reminds us that "there is a lot to advance in this demolition sector and thank the Anzeve team for the opportunity to learn about new machinery options that allow us to improve our work”.


FJ Carralón, Anzeve client, has acquired the Brokk 70 robot due to its great power

  • The launch of the Brokk 70 in May has exceeded all expectations, creating great acceptance among Anzeve customers, Brokk's official distributor in Spain.
  • Companies like FJ Carralón affirm that it is a machine with the benefits of the previous Brokk 60 (compact and light) but with great advantages: greater power, speed and a larger hammer.


Madrid, 30/08/2019. During the year 2018 the Swedish company Brokk presented four new models of demolition robots. This year, and in order to continue with the SmartPower lineTM, Brokk presents the new demolition robot Brokk 70, the best solution to carry out safe, mechanical and efficient demolitions in reduced spaces. Compared to its predecessor, the 60 model, the new 70 robot has twice the power and performance thanks to SmartPower technology.TM.

Thanks to its size, with which it can be demolished in very small spaces, several companies in the sector have acquired its Brokk 70 robot, such as FJ Carralón (Madrid), which usually uses robots to demolish marble floors in shopping centers.

Alfredo Carralón, owner of the company and client of Anzeve, affirms: “we have acquired the Brokk 70 demolition robot despite the fact that 6 months ago we bought a Brokk 60 II robot. Without a doubt, we decided on how fast it works and the hammer that has much more force. This machine, apparently, is the same: compact, light and with a lot of power, however, they have made very important improvements”.


The company ensures that it can carry out its demolition tasks more easily, thanks to the 70 robot because, as confirmed by Carralón, “the movements of the Brokk 70 robot are faster and it is capable of better braking movement. In fact, it is one of the most powerful machines I have ever seen. Its power and size are unmatched."

This is all due to the technical advances that Brokk has made over the past decade in the innovative SmartPower electrical system.TM , thanks to which the power of the Brokk 70 has been doubled compared to the 60II: from 5.5 kW to 9.8 kW. Likewise, all the technology of Brokk SmartPower has been combinedTM with the updating of the hydraulic system, ensuring that movements during demolition are controlled and precise.

The Brokk 70 demolition robot continues to maintain that compact size (it only weighs 560 kilos) which allows it to pass through tight spaces and it is even possible to transport it in a common elevator, without the need to use a forklift. All this, with a connection of 16 amps. The redesign of the mechanical and control system facilitates the handling of the robot's accessories and increases its power.

Anzeve's maxim is to help all customers and for each machine to be a success story for them, just like with FJ Carralón. With the new Brokk 70 robot, you will finally be able to eliminate manual labor in demolitions.


outdoor dust suppression

The Spanish Association of demolition, decontamination, cutting and drilling (AEDED) is preparing an informative course on demolition in which Anzeve participates as a speaker with one of the most current topics: dust suppression outdoors.

This course will be available in a few months and will be complemented by another two: cutting and drilling and decontamination.

They will be aimed at architects, surveyors and engineers and, in general, at any person linked to the sector. So if you are interested you can write to us at and we will give you all the information to participate.

Outdoor Dust Suppression – Fog Cannons and More

During this course we will see how the dust generated outdoors in quarries, mines, aggregate exploitation, demolition work, etc. can be reduced. using a system based on water nebulizer cannons, among other solutions.

But before embarking on the practical part, it is important to have some notions about why reducing dust is necessary: ​​we need to comply with the laws, improve visibility in workplaces and, above all, protect the health of workers. . Here is a brief summary:

The problem: how to reduce dust?

Dust can be uncomfortable, harmful, and highly detrimental to workers' health (some types are carcinogenic). In addition, it reduces visibility and consequently increases accidents. It can also damage machinery and increase maintenance costs. Finally, we must not forget the well-being of neighbors and the general public, since the dust could reach these residential areas.

It is important to know that the most dangerous dust is the one that cannot be seen, since not all particles are susceptible to entering the lungs.

And, above all, that the main thing is to prevent. The most effective thing is to try that the dust is not generated or does not go into suspension. If dust cannot be prevented from becoming airborne, dust removal methods such as fog cannons can be used.

The solutions: containment barriers, negative pressure, suction systems and nebulizer cannons

One of the first actions should be to try to keep risk areas contained with containment barriers such as those provided by Zip Wall. This done, an air cleaner like Max Vac prevents dust from escaping, creating negative pressure. Obviously, the air must be filtered with HEPA 14 technology before being expelled from the risk area.

Action must also be taken on the emission source to ensure that the dust does not become suspended. This is achieved by suction systems Max Vac or with wet operations.

To reduce the amount of dust that exists in the environment, dust removal systems can be used. nebulization SprayStream. These systems, which are normally water nebulizer cannons, have a very simple operation: they spray micro droplets of water that collide with the dust particles. When water and dust come together, they fall to the ground and particles toxic to health are removed. For it to work, the most important thing is to hit the granulometry of the droplets: depending on the particles to be removed, the microdroplets must have a specific size.


DATC materials

Anzeve distributes consumables for geotechnics, mining, drilling and civil works

  • HALCO is the leading company in the design and manufacture of DTH ("Down the hole") drilling equipment. Its headquarters are in the UK and from there it has led the development and distribution of DTH hammers since the 50s.
  • DATC, created in 1974, is a company specialized in the design and production of drilling tools and consumables. DATC is focused on the quality and technical detail of the product.


DATC is a French company that has been on the market for 50 years. It stands out for designing and producing both tools and consumables for drilling. It offers small and large companies specialized in mining, geotechnics and public works, a wide range of drilling solutions.

The great advantage that DATC offers is the quality and technical detail of each of its products. Its purpose is to be able to offer small and large companies specialized in mining, geotechnics and public works, a wide range of solutions for all types of drilling. Likewise, they are very focused on innovating to be able to offer all users, every day, in each project, effective technological solutions.

The French company has extensive solutions in conventional systems, bits, "wire line" systems, SPT, pressure meters, penetrometers, undisturbed samplers, rods and linkage, rotary-percussion drilling bits and bits, OD systems, tricones, trivanes, helical , shutters and all related accessories.

conventional drilling and wire line

DATC core bits feature a diamond-impregnated metal layer on their cutting face. Fine diamonds are mixed with metallic powder and create a matrix, which is subjected to a high-temperature treatment to strengthen its attachment to the crown. DATC has been able to develop up to 12 degrees of impregnation, with applications in all areas of geotechnics and mining.


DATC offers innovative equipment for geotechnical applications since its products have the highest precision and quality since the technology used is the most advanced.

Rotary hammers

DATC rotary percussion consumables have been specially designed to withstand the harsh working conditions during drilling. Thanks to the materials used in its composition (high impact steel with tungsten reinforcements), the high performance and long useful life of the products are ensured.

At Anzeve we have a large stock of both brands, as well as training and a technical team prepared to help choose the most appropriate consumable for each occasion.


Halco products have been manufactured for over 60 years and continue to be viewed as the most reliable and durable on the market. HALCO's carvers and hammers stand out for their spectacular performance and their universality, as they are valid for all types of drilling since they can be used in different terrains.

Multiple uses

HALCO down-the-hole hammers can be used in blasting, exploration, foundations, oil and gas... and their variety is wide, ranging from 1" to 12"; They also have 4" and 5" hammers for reverse circulation. The hammers are very resistant due to the materials in which they are made: they use the highest quality heat-treated chrome-nickel alloy steels and processes. Down-the-hole hammers are capable of drilling up to 50% faster than their competitors and are perfect for a multitude of applications, such as anchor drilling, wells, seismic and geological research, micropiles, geothermal, mining, quarrying, blasting, etc.


Halco Carvers are the perfect complement to hammers. They are also very resistant as they are made of steel, with a subsequent insertion of tungsten carbide buttons and a heat treatment. They offer superb performance and durability and ensure extreme protection against wear and tear.


How to reduce the dust generated in quarries?

  • During work in quarries, a large amount of respirable dust is generated, such as crystalline silica, which is a carcinogenic material when inhaled. The danger of these particles is that they are invisible to the human eye.
  • The Belgian company, Savic, develops nebulizer cannons capable of mitigating dust and bad odors, being able to adapt to all types of spaces and conditions, thanks to cannons that can reach from 10 to 100 meters and even using custom-designed systems.

in quarries during the aggregate extraction process or stone generates a large amount of dust that is harmful to health. In addition, this dust usually hinders the processes during the works and the quality of the product.

The dust that is harmful to health is called respirable dust and the big problem is that it is not visible, however, it is capable of entering the lungs and creating diseases such as silicosis or cancer.

dust reduction process

The first step achieve dust reduction is to identify the origin of this, as well as the material that generates it and the quantity. In quarries we usually find some common points that will help to identify and, therefore, reduce the dust generated. The most common places where dust is generated in quarries are: dust when drilling for blasting, stone breakage and the passage of thread in cut; in storage areas and loading and unloading of materials; during the crushing process, conveyor belts, and screening of materials; Dust raised by passing trucks.
Then, you have to know what material generates the dust and how much is produced. In this way, we can see which is the most useful micro drop of water to catch it.
Therefore, for it to work, the most important thing is to get the granulometry of the droplets right: depending on the particles to be removed, the microdroplets must have a specific size, that is, if the harmful dust is less than 5 μ, the microdroplets must be smaller than 5 μ.

spraystream You have different types of nozzle to choose from, depending on the dust particles you want to trap. The most important thing when choosing the nozzle to be used is to choose one that fully adapts to the dust particles to be captured. For efficient particle collection, water droplets must be similar in size to dust droplets. Also, the smaller the size of the water droplets, the more droplets there will be, so the probability that they will trap dust particles increases.

The combination offered by these nebulizer cannons (water pressure, different types of nozzles, and air turbulence so that the micro-droplets disperse and trap the dust evenly) make SprayStream equipment the most efficient when it comes to trapping both dust and bad odors.

These systems work once the dust is generated, however, at ANZEVE you can also find other solutions such as systems incorporated into the crushing machines. This system, Jet Zone, is patented by SprayStream and is installed externally to the crushers. He jet zone It consists of injecting micro drops at high pressure (130 bars) inside the crusher casing. With this, the material is slightly moistened so that dust is not generated and thus does not affect the correct functioning of the machinery.




  • Anzeve Optimalfloor is a complete and innovative polishing method that achieves polished surfaces with a natural shine.
  • Anzeve Optimalfloor It can be implemented in a large number of environments, but it stands out above all in industrial, public and domestic environments.

When the interior floors are finished making or fixing, a smooth and dust-free surface is sought. These finishes are difficult to achieve if the proper tools are not used. Anzeve Optimalfloor Get well-polished finishes with a natural shine.

Anzeve Optimalfloor is a complete and innovative method of polishing concrete that removes the laitance and the soft parts of the concrete. For Anzeve Optimalfloor to be fully effective, it is necessary to choose both the machines as suitable polishing diamonds. Only in this way can an optimal result be achieved. From Anzeve we advise and help in the first works to be carried out, in order to achieve the best results and get the most out of concrete surfaces.


The method Anzeve Optimalfloor It can be used in different environments, but above all in industrial, public, domestic and logistics centers thanks to its advantages such as non-slip, dust-free or durable floors. The mechanical and automotive industry, storage areas for consumer products and supermarkets, shops and educational centers... need very hard floors with great aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of using Anzeve Optimalfloor on surfaces

Thanks to the Anzeve Optimalfloor method we can increase pavement life since we will be giving it great resistance. Exactly, offers 5 to 10 times higher abrasion resistance than what is required to classify it as very high resistance.

Also, using this method lowers the costs both implementation and maintenance. In industrial and public environments (shopping centers, schools, airports...) where the traffic of people and vehicles is very high, it is required that the pavements have characteristics of adherence, shine, cleanliness, with the most adjusted cost possible. The initial cost of an Anzeve Optimalfloor floor is very similar to that of resin. However, the duration and intermediate costs of these types of floors differ greatly.

In addition, the maintenance costs of a resin flooring are higher and the waste generated must be added. Anzeve Optimalfloor floors have a 65% lower maintenance cost than resin. For example, the maintenance cost of an industrial warehouse, cleaned one or two days a week, is approximately 80% lower using Anzeve Optimalfloor.

When Anzeve Optimalfloor is used, a very flat, uncoated and dust-free floor. The floors that we can achieve with Anzeve Optimalfloor are practically flat, something necessary for logistics centers, machining industries, pharmaceutical plants and, in general, any company that has precision facilities needs a planimetry suitable for its activity for the floor.

Floors made with Anzeve Optimalfloor are Respectful towards the environment. Normally, all surfaces reflect light and emit infrared radiation that causes global warming in the atmosphere and contributes to the greenhouse effect. However, it has been found that floors made with Anzeve Optimalfloor reduce up to 189 times the emission of radiation. On the other hand, the potential for eutrophication (production of inorganic waste) and acidification of the environment with Anzeve Optimalfloor is significantly less than with any other type of floor.

Anzeve Optimalfloor floors do not generate static electricity. The resistance measurements carried out on soils, earth and the rest of the adjoining structure have shown different values ​​that reveal that the soil more than meets the requirements of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).
Thanks to its excellent flatness, noise decreases, part rejections due to vibration during transport are minimized.

Due to its mechanical polishing, the Anzeve Optimalfloor finish leaves the practically closed concrete pore, minimizing the risk of tire marks on the pavement.

Another advantage for which flooring made with Anzeve Optimalfloor stands out is the possibility of achieving a high gloss level Thus we will achieve sensations of cleanliness, quality, luxury and aesthetics. The gloss is measured by the reflection of light that falls on the surface, therefore, the less roughness of the surface, the better its reflection index and also the intensity of the gloss.

Using a measurement scale in which 100 would be the maximum brightness, Anzeve Optimalfloor floors can achieve between 60 and 90, depending on the project prescription.

Thanks to the Anzeve Optimalfloor system, a great gloss level with adhesion values very high. Likewise, due to the great adhesion, vehicles circulate better as the grip is greater, slipping is minimized and the risk of falls is reduced. By combining gloss, planimetry and adherence we can achieve great cost savings. This makes the flooring made with this technique ideal for any industrial environment.

In short, uniting all these characteristics and working with Anzeve Optimalfloor, we will be getting resistant and durable floors because we will be keeping the concrete pavement in perfect condition and increasing its useful life. Also, we will have a functional, resistant and ecological surface, according to the Optimalfloor concept.

Anzeve Optimalfloor offers a wide variety of finishes, which allows the floor to be given the personality it needs and to adapt to any environment. The finish may depend on the type of aggregate, its size and position, the concentration of aggregates on the surface, the level of gloss to be achieved, the color of the base or the adhesion value. Color can also be changed, looking for that adaptation to different environments, thanks to dyes (water or solvent). Thanks to the possibility of combining the different colors, the color range that can be implemented on the floor is very wide. and we will be using ecological dyes and respectful with the environment.



  • The Belgian company, Savic, develops nebulizer cannons capable of mitigating dust and bad odors, being able to adapt to all types of spaces and conditions, thanks to cannons that can reach from 10 to 100 meters and even using custom-designed systems.
  • In demolition processes, recycling or in quarries and mines, a large amount of dust is generated. SprayStream is capable of removing the respirable and toxic dust fraction and preventing it from being inhaled by workers.

Madrid, 12/03/2019. On December 12, 2017, the European Union approved a Directive to consider certain materials as carcinogens and mutagens. The respirable fraction of crystalline silica dust is included in this directive as a carcinogen.

However, not all dust is susceptible to entering the pulmonary alveoli since the human body itself has physical barriers that prevent it from entering the lungs. However, all particles smaller than 5μm are able to pass through them: they enter through the nose and mouth, head towards the larynx, and finally reach the lungs. In this way the particles remain lodged inside the lungs.

Crystalline silica is present in most of the materials commonly used in construction and in almost all applications in quarries and mines, demolitions, metallurgical industries, recycling plants, warehouses and areas surrounding them. These jobs not only produce respirable dust, but also greatly increase dirt and bad odors and significantly decrease visibility.

To reduce the amount of dust that exists during these works and act on the source of emission, there are nebulizer cannons. With them, dust is prevented from spreading and reaching both workers and surrounding areas, causing health problems.

These systems have a very simple operation: they spray microdroplets of water that collide with the dust particles. When water and dust come together, they fall to the ground. For it to work, the most important thing is to get the granulometry of the droplets right: depending on the particles to be removed, the microdroplets must have a specific size, that is, if the harmful dust is less than 5 μ, the microdroplets must be less than 5 μ. To choose this size it is important to choose the ideal nozzles and pressures, in fact, the National Institute of Silicosis (INS) states that it is important to choose the "appropriate nozzles to optimize particle drag"




Acting on the source of emission is the fundamental task if you want to reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, silicosis, black lung disease or pneumoconiosis or asbestosis (inhalation of asbestos).

SprayStream cannons are a good choice since they have a wide variety of nozzles depending on the dust to be removed, the amount... The most important thing when choosing the nozzle to use is to choose one that fully adapts to the particles. of dust to be captured. For efficient particle collection, water droplets must be similar in size to dust droplets. The problem with these particles is that they are imperceptible to the eye: a human hair has a section of 100 μ, however, the human eye is not capable of seeing objects smaller than 30 or 40 μ. That is, the dust that is carcinogenic is invisible, so invisible drops are needed to mitigate it. Also, the smaller the size of the water droplets, the more droplets there will be, so the probability that they will trap dust particles increases.

SprayStream cannons can produce very small droplets capable of trapping dust particles so that when both are in suspension, they come together and, due to their weight, fall to the ground, moistening it, but not wetting it. The SprayStream system is based on the latest fan technology that produces high-velocity columns of air that can expel water from 10 to 100 meters away.

The nozzles, which are in a stainless steel ring, receive the water thanks to a pump. The SprayStream system is capable of maximizing performance using the minimum of water. In addition, the water passes through two filters to keep the hydraulic system and nozzles in perfect condition.

On the other hand, using SprayStream brings with it other important advantages such as price: water is easy to find and it is a cheap system. Another advantage is the efficiency of the system, as well as how ecological it can be. Finally, water is a medium that is easy to recycle.

Another of the solutions provided by Anzeve are the JetZone systems, which can be mounted in fixed crushing facilities, such as aggregate plants or recycling companies. This equipment creates a fine curtain of microdroplets at high pressure and is easily installed in the crusher casing, material inlet and outlet lines, traps dust without wetting the material.


Mini dumper and mini loader



  • In order to make the work easier, simpler and less hard, they have managed to combine a series of machines that will help and facilitate the work throughout the demolition process.
  • Leading brands such as Brokk, Darda, Sherpa, Alitrak or SprayStream complement each other in demolition work to offer solutions to the complications and needs arising from demolitions.


Anzeve, a leading company in the distribution of machinery for the demolition sector, your catalog In order to be able to offer a comprehensive solution and accompany companies throughout the demolition process. In the catalog you can choose different machines to carry out demolitions such as demolition robots, with different implements such as hydraulic hammers or shears to hydraulic breakers, which do not produce vibrations or noise. Likewise, there are also electric mini loaders or mini dumpers that facilitate the removal of rubble from the workplace or nebulizer cannons, to eliminate dust, improve visibility and prevent possible health problems for workers.

BROKK demolition robots
Within the construction industry, the BROKK demolition robot represents efficient demolition, both indoors and outdoors. Compared to manual equipment and other machines in the industry, the work done with robots is clearly superior in terms of productivity, safety and comfort. In fact, they are more powerful than machines five times their size.

These robots can be used in different applications such as the demolition of different kinds of concrete or other materials (plastics, bricks, tiles and roof tiles), efficiently and accurately.
Quiet, clean demolition is getting more and more attention, and these rigs are perfect for it. In addition, by using electricity as an energy source (there are also some combustion models) the emission of toxic gases is nil and the levels of vibrations and noise pollution are also very low.

Darda breaking cylinders

Darda is the German company that is in charge of manufacture hydraulic breaking cylinders. These cylinders do not produce vibrations, dust or noise, so they are suitable for demolition work indoors without causing discomfort. In addition, the crushing cylinders break the material into large pieces, so the debris can be easily removed, for example, with the Alitrak electric mini dumper or the Sherpa skid steer.

Thanks to the fracturing of the material without vibrations or waves, the adjoining areas are exempt from suffering possible breaks or earth movements, which is why Darda breaking cylinders are ideal for carrying out demolition work in factories, warehouses, residential buildings, etc. without disturbing normal activity.


Alitrak mini dumper
The Alitrak electric mini dumpers They are high quality vehicles. Its design allows goods and materials to be moved efficiently, safely, silently and without any type of emissions. Therefore, these dumpers help in demolition work to move the waste generated. Because their engines generate 0 emissions, they are a good ally for interior demolitions and, thanks to their versatility, they are also very useful for other industries such as logistics, construction, civil works, mining or maintenance.

Electric mini dumpers can be used for various applications during demolition work: from transporting material and waste to hauling equipment. In addition, they have various versions (on wheels, on tracks, with loading and unloading buckets...) and can be custom designed. These machines can be controlled by operators from the vehicle's own control panel or even by remote control. In this way, electric vehicles facilitate work without effort or fatigue for the worker.

ALITRAK vehicles use electric technology (with battery) and are respectful with the environment, which allows them to work in any environment thanks to the fact that they do not produce CO2 emissions.
They are vehicles specially designed to transport the waste generated in demolition and are the best allies of Brokk demolition robots and Sherpa mini loaders.


Sherpa Skid Steers
Our Sherpa skid steers they make demolition jobs less hard and labor intensive. In addition, it is very versatile machinery thanks to the number of implements that can be added to it: from a hammer at the beginning of the process to equipping it with a shovel to collect the waste generated.

In addition, they are valid for any type of work, both indoors and outdoors. For example, the Sherpa 100 ECO does not emit gases or noise, making it the best ally for working with it indoors, while the Sherpa 200 articulated mini loader, compact but very powerful thanks to the Kubota diesel engine, is the mini Ideal loader for outdoors.


SprayStream Fog Cannons
The SprayStream mist cannons they are a good system for suppressing dust during demolitions. During these processes, with the demolition and breaking of the different materials, a lot of dust is produced that remains in suspension and can harm the health of the operators. Thanks to dust suppression systems, it can be eliminated and contribute to the health of the operators.

SprayStream has a very simple operation: it captures the dust found in the environment thanks to small micro droplets that trap the dust particles. Once both particles (dust and water) come together, they fall to the ground without wetting it. In this way, SprayStream prevents all the dust generated in the demolitions from harming the health of the operators and increases visibility at the demolition site. In addition, the new European regulation "Directive 2004/37/CE" considers free crystalline silica as a mutagenic and carcinogenic agent, therefore, in order to comply with the law, it is necessary to have systems that prevent the possibility of breathing this type of substance. invisible to the human eye.

water mist cannon




  • The Darda C20 breaking cylinder has a breaking force of more than 1500 tons/m2. It is rotating and can be implemented in machines between five and ten tons.
  • Brokk demolition robots offer the most power per unit weight and outperform excavators four times their size.

Madrid, 19/02/2019. The German company Darda is known for being the creator of the hydraulic wedge and counter wedge breaking system. Darda hydraulic breakers are distinguished by their ability to break rock and concrete, without producing shock waves or noise, and by their breaking power.

Smashing cylinders. Dart C20

This equipment is commonly used for emptying and preparing soil for foundations in land whose subsoil is made up of granite and other very hard rocks and requires a very powerful machine to break it. Currently, its use is becoming more widespread in tunnels, urban works, high-rise construction and construction of single-family homes as a result of the advantages it provides over other means of demolition (such as the practically zero production of shock waves). Its application stands out in the areas of the Iberian Peninsula since this type of rock formations abound. Using Darda hydraulic breakers facilitates the deepening for foundations and the expansion of spaces for garages, often required by municipal regulations.

In addition, Darda has the breaking cylinder with the best weight/power ratio on the market: the Darda C20. This cylinder is capable of breaking rock, concrete or stone, cleanly, concisely and without emitting noise, vibrations or dust.

It is a very safe and productive hydraulic wedge, which stands out for its different mounting options, as well as its easy insertion into the machinery. The Darda C20 is rotating and versatile and can be used on machines between five and ten tons and has been designed to break materials in a controlled and precise way. Likewise, its breaking direction is adjustable and both the central wedge and its lateral counter wedges have automatic lubrication.

Brokk demolition robot

On the other hand, Brokk, the leading company in the manufacture of remote-controlled demolition robots, also stands out for the power of all its machines. Brokk demolition robots are used for all kinds of jobs: from demolition work, nuclear power plants, mines or cement.

They are the robots that offer the most power per unit weight and their arms, divided into three sections, can be fitted with different tools such as hammers, shears, buckets, clamshells, tongs, milling machines or even Darda hydraulic breakers. In addition, thanks to the remote control, the operators will be safer because they can direct the machine from a safe place. Despite their compact size, Brokk robots outperform excavators four times their size.

One of the big and powerful Brokk robots is the model 300, born to meet the growing demands of the industry. This model, which replaces the previous 280, incorporates a more powerful hammer and its hitting power is 40% greater. In addition, this powerful robot is equipped with the latest SmartPower TM technology, thanks to which the power output is increased to 37 Kw, providing the necessary flow and hydraulic pressure to power the heaviest and most powerful implements.

It only weighs 500 kg more than the previous Brokk 280 and retains compact measurements to access smaller or hard-to-reach places. This robot includes certain improvements such as a new arm system, which makes its vertical and horizontal reach reach 6,5m and 6,1m respectively.

The Brokk 500 demolition robot also stands out for its power, up to 40% more than its predecessor Brokk 400. This robot has a reinforced design, yet it retains the same measurements as the 400, in order to get into tight spaces. The Brokk 500 also comes equipped with the Brokk SmartPowerTM system – a more robust, intelligent electrical system that efficiently adjusts power and consumption for maximum performance and availability over the life of the machine.

On top of all that, the new robot also introduces a number of clever improvements that will make its daily maintenance easier.


Mini dumper and mini loader

Anzeve presents its new products for renters at the ASEAMAC event

  • ANZEVE, an industrial machinery distributor, seeks to expand new horizons and position itself in the rental market.
  • During 2019, a campaign will be launched with products specially designed for the rental business with leading leading brands specialized in different sectors.

Madrid, 18/01/2019. In the rental forum organized by ASEAMAC (machinery and equipment rental association) on January 30 and 31, in which all companies related to rental will meet, the latest developments in the sector will be discussed. Likewise, ANZEVE will present the products for rentals of major brands such as Alitrak, Sherpa or HTC.

Alitrak electric mini dumpers are used in construction, mining, agriculture, facility maintenance, logistics, airports, municipalities, and landscaping. They are very versatile thanks to the combination of their flexibility, together with the low noise they make and the zero emission of gases. They have long-lasting batteries with up to 8 hours of autonomy and, in addition, renters can benefit from the "Performance" version with puncture-proof tires and even 4 wheels, which provides extra stability to the electric vehicle.


Sherpa mini loaders stand out for their compact size, great power and a wide range of attachments to adapt to any environment. Sherpa skid steers make heavy work easier, lighter, faster and cleaner.
Likewise, there is an ecological model that works with long-lasting batteries, which allows you to work more than one working day without the need to recharge. Its electrical system does not produce toxic emissions and is designed to work successfully in closed spaces.

Sherpa skid steers can be used in a variety of environments such as construction, demolition, agriculture or green sectors and their compact size makes it easy to transport and maneuver in small places.



SprayStream fog cannons are used to eliminate airborne dust and bad odours. These systems spray micro droplets of water that collide with the dust particles and when the water and dust come together, they fall to the ground. SprayStream acts on the production focus and uses a system based on the latest fan technology that produces high-speed air columns that can expel water up to 100 meters away.
In a study carried out, it was found that these cannons reduced the amount of dust up to 11 times, so their use is recommended in mining, in the aggregates sector, recycling plants, etc. In addition, the new European regulations require the use of these dust suppression methods, since they consider crystalline silica dust -created in these environments- as a mutagenic and carcinogenic agent.


HTC Polishers, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of professional floor polishing and treatment systems, has created the Duratiq series that takes productivity, reliability, operability and flexibility to another level.
HTC floor polishers stand out for their versatility, their quick change system for diamond tools (EZ-ChangeTM) and their excellent performance. The equipment can be used on different types of floors (concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, wood...), combining them with the indicated diamond tools. HTC polishers have very low vibration and noise levels and polishing is virtually dust free.


Rockwheel milling machines are designed for the toughest milling jobs, thanks to their powerful motor, which is adapted to the hydraulics of the carrier machine (excavators, demolition robots, etc.). De Rockwheel highlights the large number of milling machines and their almost indestructible design.

ICS creates chainsaws to cut materials of all kinds such as concrete, brick or natural stone. They make a precise, clean and deep cut and are very safe. Its chains have different hardnesses and performances.


Machines for shot blasting, sanding, bush hammering and surface milling. Trimmer also offers kits for crack repair and seam creation. Reference for the preparation, treatment and repair of industrial, civil, highway, airport and industrial soils and are used in the field of preparation, treatment and repair of industrial, civil, highway, airport and shipping industry soils.


Portamix has created the Mega Hippo mixer/extender, with the capacity to mix up to 6 20 kg bags. The motor, the mixing propeller and the design of the tank make it possible to mix the product very easily, quickly and homogeneously.
The wheel-on design, high-torque motor and controlled, effortless material dumping make the Mega Hippo a must-have machine for installers of mortars, resins and multi-materials mixed on-site.



The American company has designed the most productive and reliable soil lifters in the industry.

They set new standards for extraction speed, durability and safety and have a wide range of products for the surface preparation industry.



Demolition robots in the Madrid metro

Brokk demolition robot in the Seville metro of Madrid

The Brokk demolition robots carry out the work of Canalejas in the heart of Madrid

Demolition robots in the Madrid metro
  • Perfox, a Madrid company specializing in demolition, is carrying out the remodeling of the 'Sevilla' metro station with Brokk robots.
  • The works are being carried out in the center of Madrid, specifically, at Calle Alcalá 25 and will last one year.

Metro de Madrid is executing the 'Metro Modernization Plan', with which it is intended to recondition and renovate up to 33 stations within the network. The Sevilla stop, which is located a few meters from Madrid's Puerta del Sol, is one of the stations chosen and is also part of the Special Reorganization Plan in Canalejas, promoted by the Madrid City Council.

demolition work

The works that are being carried out will paralyze the Seville station for a year. The trains will be able to circulate inside, but they will not make a stop. With these works, the aim is to fully modernize the station: include different elevators, a new lobby, enable turnstiles, electrical transformation or protect the station against fires.

In order to carry out all these renovations, the Perfox company works with two Brokk demolition robots: the 800 and the 170. With them, you must remove a slab and work underground to open a hole equivalent to four floors. To be able to do it, you must demolish the entire exterior and interior part until you can open that hole and, finally, the final station will be built.

Brokk demolition robots

To carry out this work, mainly two models of demolition robots from the Brokk brand are being used, the best in weight/power ratio. In addition, this machinery has 0 emissions, its performance is maximized and it provides great safety to the operator since it can be controlled by remote control.

The 800 demolition robot is the largest in the world. Its weight is 11 tons, however, thanks to its state-of-the-art hydraulic system and its MB1200 hammer (1200 kg in weight), its performance is even higher than that of machines weighing more than 40 tons. Its small dimensions (2,2 meters wide and barely 2,6 meters high) allow it to access environments where it would be impossible to introduce machines with a similar power. Its incredible reach of almost 11 meters allows it to carry out almost any job, with the added advantage of being controlled by remote control, like the rest of its 'little brothers'.

The 170 demolition robot is the first to be sold in Spain. This robot includes the SmartPower™ system that significantly increases performance and improves the working conditions of the machine, as it constantly monitors the current input and power output through the hammer, adapting to the specific conditions of each job. . This machine offers 15% more power than previous models and has great force with the hammer and shears. On the other hand, it is a compact model that can fit through standard size doors.

Juan Manuel Hernández, general manager of Perfox, does not hesitate to use Brokk demolition robots in this type of work. On the model 800 stands out, above all, "its productivity, the high performance it offers and, of course, the power". On the other hand, he is very happy with the acquisition of the new Brokk 170, the first in Spain: "the operators are working very well, daily maintenance is very simple and its chopping power is very high". The acquisition of this last robot by Perfox is part of the renewal of the fleet that they are carrying out.


Here you can see a video of the works


Brokk presents SmartConcept for the new range of demolition robots

Along with the launch of four new Brokk demolition robot models, the company is also introducing Brokk SmartConceptTM, building on three areas of new technologies: SmartPowerTM, Brokk SmartDesignTM and Brokk SmartRemoteTM. These systems represent a leap forward in performance, productivity and ergonomics for demolition robots.

Brokk SmartPowerTM
With the new generation of Brokk SmartPowerTM, the company presents a unique intelligent power system, specially designed for tough tasks with demolition robots. This is a substantial increase in power through an intelligent control system with a unique and hardened design. In this way, productivity is maximized while downtime is minimized.

The new electric propulsion system maximizes the hydraulic power output of an already sized power unit, while increasing reliability. Integrated power control software automatically monitors the system and adjusts it to optimize for conditions. This means that the machines can run continuously even in the harshest or hottest environments.

The Brokk SmartPowerTM System is built on a unique technical platform and a completely redesigned electrical system. These characteristics represent a 70% reduction in cables and connection points. The components are designed to be more resistant and withstand the demands of vibrations and heat generated in the robots. This technology increases the useful life of the machine and the components of the electrical and hydraulic system. In addition, it guarantees a higher uptime of the machine in real conditions.

Brokk SmartDesign™

Brokk's new models include a number of smart design enhancements to increase machine uptime, extend machine life and improve operators' day-to-day maintenance routine. All greasing points are externally accessible and daily and weekly maintenance can be carried out without removing any covers. This has been done this way because the best preventive maintenance is the one that is actually done and, therefore, it has to be easy. In addition, the overall design has been strengthened making service easier.

Brokk SmartRemoteTM

Brokk is at the forefront of ergonomic remote control design with a focus on productivity. Brokk's patented solution uses a wide harness that can be adjusted to hold the remote control handle around the operator's waist and short levers allow the arms to rest on the remote control. This positions the weight where it ergonomically belongs, on the hips, and not on the shoulders or back.

The remote control design choices are also made with operator productivity in mind. The intuitive control allows the operator to work with the machine without having to spend a lot of time looking at the screen. Professional radio technology, with frequency hopping capacity, has exceptional availability and a working range of up to 300 meters away. It connects fast, is resistant to interference and is totally reliable.

“The introduction of the Brokk SmartConcept System signifies a great leap forward in technology, productivity and reliability in demolition robots. The Brokk SmartPower system has not only allowed us to increase the power of the machines by more than 50% in recent years, but also increases the uptime and reliability of the machine”, says Martin Krupicka, President and CEO of the Brokk Group. .