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MAX VAC: Air Cleaners and Purifiers

MAX VAC: Vacuum cleaners, Purifiers, Air cleaners and Accessories to control harmful particles

Scheme MaxVac

Born in Switzerland, MaxVac has top-performing solutions for dust control and providing environmental and green cleaning solutions.

MaxVac air purifiers against COVID-19:

After a previous disinfection, to eliminate the Coronavirus it will be necessary to clean the air we breathe in interior spaces, such as premises or offices, using professional and effective teams.

Ozone should NOT be used on people, it is toxic and very polluting, so we need another solution:

MaxVac air cleaners are high-performance pieces of equipment that take advantage of layers of air to trap fine and harmful particles. For it, uses 3 filtration systems (depending on model):
  • G4 filter: traps 90% of particles, almost all those larger than 5 microns remain in this stage.
  • Hepa 13 or 14 filter: traps 99,95% or 99,995% of particles larger than 0,3 microns.
  • Carbon filter: traps gases and odors.

Dustblockers MEDI

These machines, which can work 24/7, sThey are completely valid for filtering microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, germs, spores, fungi and pollen.

They can easily clean an average size room, as long as a complete air change of at least 3 times an hour can be done (According to recommendation of the head of the CBRN department of INTA).

Of course, the particles deposited on surfaces must continue to be decontaminated by other means.

Here you can see the scientific evidence on the airborne transmission of the Coronavirus.





MaxVac in Spain and Portugal:

The range MaxVac Hard It has resistant and robust vacuum cleaners, ideal for warehouses, workshops and indoor uses. But the dust must not only be extracted at the source, it is also necessary to clean the air that we breathe. with the line of Dustblocker air purifiers harmful particles are filtered from the area.

In a complementary way, we recommend you to know SPRAYSTREAM: nebulizer cannons.

Anzeve distributes MAX VAC both in Spain and Portugal. We have a team of professionals who can assist you at any time, for any questions or recommendations you may need.