RIPAMONTI: Drilling machines and columns

Presentation of RIPAMONTI: modular drilling rigs


REPAIRS develops Drilling equipment of the highest quality. Among them, the cars and the compact drilling columns stand out.

Our drill strings They are modular, very light (they are made of aluminum) and can be placed on rotary machines, Brokk demolition robots, tunnel boring machines, scaffolding or on baskets or skids approved for slope stabilization.

Likewise, they can be pneumatic or hydraulic, with hammer on top or rotation heads. In addition, they can have remote or fixed controls.

Both the columns and the RIPAMONTI drilling rigs carry out work for special foundations, bolts and anchors, internal underpinning with reduced gauge and work in quarries and mining.


RIPAMONTI in Spain and Portugal

Since 2005, ANZEVE distributes RIPAMONTI products for Spain and Portugal. In addition, as is customary in our company, we provide technical assistance and consulting services on applications to the users of these professional equipment.