HALCO: Down the hole hammers for DTH drilling

HALCO Presentation: DTH Hammers

HALCO manufactures drilling materials as breakers and down-the-hole hammers DTH (“Down the hole”), which stand out for their spectacular performance for all kinds of perforations, since they can be used in a wide variety of terrains and applications.


HALCO down-the-hole hammers are used for:

    • Drilling for anchors
    • Well drillingHalco Hammer DrillingDTH Halco down-the-hole hammer drilling
    • Seismic and geological investigation
    • Micropiles
    • Geothermal
    • Mining
    • Quarries
    • blasting
    • Exploration
    • Cimentaciones
    • Oil and gas

Characteristics of DTH hammers:


  • From 1” to 12”, also for reverse circulation in 4” and 5”.Internal parts Down the hole hammers dth HALCO
  • The halco carvers They are made of steel, with a subsequent insertion of tungsten carbide buttons and a heat treatment.
  • They use the highest quality heat-treated chrome-nickel alloy processes.
  • Capable of drilling up to 50% faster than its competitors.
  • Performance and durability.
  • They ensure extreme protection against wear and tear.



Halco in Spain and Portugal

ANZEVE distributes the products of HALCO throughout Spain and Portugal. In addition, it offers a permanent commercial and technical assistance service.