ANCHOR SYSTEMS: Vulcan Earth Anchor System®

Introducing ANCHOR SYSTEMS: Vulcan Earth Anchor System®

Anchor Systems manufactures and distributes mechanical ground anchors. Made of ductile cast iron or stainless steel, they are driven into the ground using driving bars (installed with light tools or machines) and their installation is checked by stressing it up to the required load, which will vary between 0,5 and 45 Tn depending on the anchorage and the terrain.

Its anchors can be used for permanent or temporary installations and have numerous advantages over traditional methods of anchoring or fastening objects to the ground: their installation is quick and easy, load tests are carried out instantly on 100% of the anchors; They are also environmentally friendly anchors that do not require resins or mortar. In addition, they accept very high workloads depending on the anchorage and can be adapted to different types of terrain.

It is the exclusive UK supplier of the proven and versatile range of anchors duckbill. It has been used throughout the world in an extensive number of structural and geotechnical applications.

Created in 1995, Anchor Systems offers a comprehensive consulting, design, technical assistance and practical testing service.

Distribute geotechnical, helical anchors and bolts for concrete for major contractors and customers across Europe.


ANCHOR SYSTEMS in Spain and Portugal:

ANZEVE distributes ANCHOR SYSTEMS products throughout Spain and Portugal. In addition, it offers a permanent commercial and technical assistance service.