Technical service

We want to help you when you have an incident with one of your equipment.

For this reason, we know perfectly all the machines and equipment that we sell; All of our technicians have received specialized training on each machine and have extensive experience diagnosing and repairing equipment. To offer the best after-sales service.

And because we want to have a lasting relationship with all our clients.

One of the characteristic features of our company is the continuous search for innovative solutions.

Our products not only comply with current regulations in the European Union, but are often the first step in future regulations and guidelines.

What does this mean? That we turn our clients into the vanguard of the sector, ensuring the profitability and duration of their investments in equipment.

On our staff there are experts in the environment and occupational safety who can provide you with reports on the master plans and recommendations of the CE. So that your projects and budgets are the most outstanding.