initial training

All kinds of practical theoretical courses

We want to help you get the most out of your new equipment.

For this reason, we always offer initial training. And then anytime you need it. In our facilities or in yours.

Because we not only want to deliver the best machines, but also that our customers work with them in the most efficient way possible, throughout their useful life.

The search for new, more effective and safe technological solutions requires complementary training and support work.

Our company is characterized by offering a line of specialized solutions for various construction and industry sectors.

To publicize these products and provide assistance to professionals, we have planned a series of technical training seminars, given by specialists. These training days are held with the support and cooperation of foreign multinationals and national associations and institutions.

The objective of the seminars is to present profitable working methods, in accordance with the new regulations, to solve typical situations. For this reason, the causes of the problems, the security needs and the types of solutions used in other countries are studied.

We provide training on different solutions, such as surface preparation, or specific brands, such as Hernia. The courses are normally theoretical-practical. Learn how to do it, why, when, with what materials or tools, etc.

In the training, given by specialists, you will see the theoretical and practical part of the work to be done; in addition to sharing doubts, suggestions and clarifications both with Anzeve staff and with other professionals in the sector who attend group training.